April Gin Box

This month we introduce you to the newest gin in Ireland. Ravenrock is a new premium Irish Distilled Gin that is refreshingly surprising in more ways than one. Produced and distilled by Dundalk Bay Distillery, this gin is made in an Irish made copper pot still giving it an authentic flavour and energy unique to the brand.

It is Filtered through natural Silurian aged sandstone rich in minerals from the Irish Sea. It is made in miniscule batches and it is infused with a local blend of rowan berries and wild foraged organic heather from the Cooley Mountains. Ravenrock uses a secret blend of botanicals from all over the world to create the distinctive citrus gin that is soft to the pallet.

Dundalk Bay Brewery have been established since 2017 with the focus initially on brewing beers. In December 2019 they introduced a locally handcrafted still into the brewery– when I say local, I mean literally made by their own technicians on site and once they got certified to produce there, they set about creating what is now Ravenrock Gin.

It gets its unique flavour from the final filtering through the local Silurian Aged Sandstone found in Blackrock/Dundalk Bay, and it can be enjoyed with fresh lime or orange, as recommended by the same technicians who built the still, and they should know!

Keeping it Irish this month, we are including Crisp Apple thins from Lismore in Waterford. They are freshly dried sticks of apple coated in the finest dark Belgian chocolate. And they are sublime.

We cannot attest to the limes being of Irish origin, but we can do so for the Poachers well tonic from Kilmuckeridge in Wexford too. It is the tonic with the lowest amount of sugar in it that we have seen, and paired with fresh lime, poachers tonic and some Lismore thins to snack on, we are hopeful that it will bring a smile to you during tough times.


Botanicals include juniper, coriander, Irish rowan berries, & foraged Cooley heather


Nose:  citrus hints of orange and lemon

Palate: The citrus, subtly sweet and floral flavours make this gin taste fresh and summery.


  • Fill your glass with plenty of ice
  • Add a 50ml measure of Ravenrock
  • Add 150ml of the Mallorcan tonic water
  • Add a wedge of lime, stir and enjoy with a helping of Lismore dark thins on the side!


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