August's Gin Box


This month, we’re bringing you a Gin that’s out of this world… quite literally! Distilled alongside a genuine meteorite – which smacked into the moon before it landed in the Sahara Desert – August’s Cherry Moon Gin is special for a much earthlier reason, too: it’s totally delicious. 


A pink gin with a sophisticated botanical blend and no added sugar, Cherry Moon is the second gin dreamed up by friends Matthew and Tommy (we featured their original Moon Gin last year), who were ginthusiasts long before they started distilling themselves. Tommy would source new and usual spirits, and they would gather in their backyard in Belgium to sample them.  Matthew says, “As we tasted more gins we got more into it, and began to understand which botanicals we liked. That was the start of our fantasy of making a gin ourselves.” One tasting session ran late, and a full moon rose in the sky. As Tommy and Matthew sipped their gin and watched the moon, the conversation turned to whether they could ever start their own gin brand. Yes, they decided – that would be a dream worth pursuing.  “I’ve always been interested in space,” says Tommy. “We knew right away that we would call what we made Moon Gin.” 


How did Pink gin come about for them I asked? “When we would go out to local bars and restaurants on double dates, the order would always be the same,” says Matthew. “Three Moon-Gin G&Ts. But my wife would want a pink gin – so we decided to make our own!”   Tommy says, “Our master distiller suggested using both sweet and sour cherries, which is a nice combination with the citrus botanicals.” 


Distilled alongside the space rock from the Sahara, every drop of Cherry Moon Gin has touched the satellite that inspired it; but that’s not the only amazing innovation that Matthew and Tommy have made. With no added sugar and a high ABV, they’ve created a pink gin with enough complexity and balance to wow even the most serious spirits enthusiast. It is not overly sweet and is the most complex pink gin we’ve tried.  


Tommy and Matthew love this gin in a G&T, paired with a classic tonic water and garnished with wedge of lime, and it also makes a cracking base for cocktails. However you choose to drink this gin, it will be one small sip for you, and one giant leap for gin lovers! 


When you first make a Cherry Moon Gin and Tonic, crack a piece of your Cachet Belgian Chocolate at room temperature at the same time. It is a dark chocolate with 57% cacao flavoured with Cherries and Almond. Tommy and Matthew are big fans of the light and Crisp Fever Tree Tonic Water, and so we have included lots of it for you to make plenty of Moon Cherry Gin and Tonics this month! 

Enjoy this month’s box and thanks again for your support. 

“As we tasted more gins we got more into it, and began to understand which botanicals we liked. That was the start of our fantasy of making a gin ourselves.”


Juniper, Sweet Cherry, Sour Cherry, Coriander Seed, Cardamom, Angelica Root, Lemon Peel, Orange Peel, Cinnamon, Grains of Paradise, Orris Root, Rosemary, Nutmeg, Roasted Almonds, Star Anise, Rose Petals, Thai Basilicum

Tasting Notes

A cherry-flavoured gin built on a solid citrus base. A maceration of sweet and sour cherries gives this gin a complex cherry flavour, enhanced by floral rose petals and the gentle warmth of cinnamon. With no added sugar and a 44% ABV, this spirit is a serious and flavourful expression of pink gin.


  • 50ml Cherry Moon
  • 200ml Fever Tree Indian tonic water
  • Wedge of Lime or Lemon and raspberry, to garnish
  • Pack a glass with ice. 
  • Add your gin, then top with tonic. Stir gently. 
  • Garnish and serve.



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