Bottega Bacur


As our thoughts turn to summer, warmer days and longer evenings, we want to bring you some sunshine this month in the form of a wonderful Italian gin – Bottega Bacur. While you bask in the occasional sunny spell in Ireland, you can dream of some real Mediterranean heat while savouring the tastes of Sicilian lemon and Tuscan sage.


Somewhere between Venice and the Dolomite mountain range, three generations of the Bottega family have been harvesting grapes, making wine, distilling gin and bottling grappa. The winery was built in the 1920’s, with a distillery added in 1977. Based in a large family farmstead, the gin is distilled amongst 10 hectares of beautiful vines and the family are now one of the biggest family owned distilleries in Italy. Sandro Bottega is the owner and he also makes wines in Montalcino too. They began producing sparkling wines in 1992 so we had to include some for you to try with this month’ s Gin Box.


Bottega Bacur is a delicate gin, made for sipping over ice or treating gently. We tried it with several tonics and citrus fruits – lemon, lime and grapefruit – and less really is more here. Fill a glass of ice, add a fresh wheel of lemon and top with Double Dutch Indian tonic water. The lemon invigorates the original botanicals used in the distil. Juniper berries, sage leaves and lemon zest, are left to macerate for 2 weeks, before being double distilled in order to refine the flavours.


If your feeling more adventurous, try a Strawberry Gin Bellini. Add 40ml Gin to a tumbler of ice. Add 80ml of freshly crushed Strawberries and top with 100ml of Bottega Prosecco Rose Gold. Add a sprig of mint and stir, then squeeze some lemon over the top to serve!

When you visit most bars in Italy, you are presented with a dish of potato chips to enjoy with your drink. They are generally Amica chips. So pour yourself a Bacur gin & tonic and be transported to sunny Italy this April.


We hope you enjoy this month’s gin box, as much as we have curating it. It’s a delicious gin that tastes as impressive as it looks. As always, thanks for your support and enjoy!

“Distilled using local ingredients including juniper berries from the Veneto region, lemon zest and sage”


It opens with an intense scent of juniper, followed by citrus notes of lemon zest, and closes with sage hints.

Tasting Notes

Smooth and balanced, it delicately warms the palate without being aggressive, leaving a pleasant perfumed perception in the mouth.



• 40 ml Gin Bacur
• 80 ml Double Dutch Indian tonic water
• Half slice of lemon
• Juniper berries (or sage leaves, or mint leaves)
• Ice cubes


Chill a glass, pour the ice cubes, Gin Bacur, half slice of lemon and
juniper berries (or sage leaf or mint). Add tonic water and stir well


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