Happy New Year! Chinese New Year is not until February, but we’re bringing you some Chinese inspiration a little early this month in the form of a premium gin, imported all the way from China for Gin Box subscribers! 


Nestled in the centre of the Liuyang River basin, Goalong Distillery is surrounded by the Luoxiao and Lianyun mountain ranges from north to south. The 50,000m² distillery site has been carefully selected for its stunning temperate subtropical climate, rich natural biodiversity, 99% forested area and strong rain and fog variations throughout the year. It is under this low latitude snow-capped mountain that the most suitable soil for gin production has been found. With 1680mm of annual rainfall and access to the natural spring water of the Liuyang River, it is definitely an excellent region for distilling spirits. This is why Goalong Distillery now not only produces premium gin but also premium whiskey as well.


The result is an elegant and sophisticated gin, with spicy pepper notes that blend perfectly with the sweet, lemony flavours. It is perfect for cocktails such as martinis or gin and tonics, or can be enjoyed neat to appreciate all the subtleties of its complex flavours. This Chinese gin is an exceptional choice for gin lovers looking for something new and exciting and it is not available in general sale in Ireland. It is Japan that is more widely known for its premium gin and whiskies, but with gin like this, and a lot more of the bigger sized distilleries around the world starting to distil in China, it will be interesting to see whether there is a shift to China for premium spirits over the coming years.


We have included a Black Pepper and Bergamot candle from Purcell and Woodcock. These are Irish made and produced under the ‘Lumiere’ range. Lumiere is the meaning of light, and we can all use more of that in January. We love the range from Gina and her team at Purcell and Woodcock, and we are addicted to the fragrances the candles bring into our home. They are made from the finest soy wax and a lead free cotton wick. Each candle will burn for approximately 45 hours!


Infused with over 20 local herbs and spices including; green tea, coriander seeds, cinnamon and Sichuan pepper.



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