The Original Silver Spear was awarded to Captain John Henry Watson in 1876 by the Cawnpore Tent Club of Kanpur, India for excellent horsemanship.

John Henry Watson the 6th was born and raised in Ballydarton House, Co Carlow. Returning from his Indian Commission, he is famous as “The Father of the Game” of modern Horse Polo. With 4 centuries of the Watson family in Co. Carlow, John Henry’s Silver Spear brings together historical Ireland and India in a traditional Irish Dry Gin.

Produced with Irish spring water and exotic botanicals, Silver Spear Gin is elegant, pure and evocative, in both taste and history. Silver Spear is a gin we have wanted to bring you for some time. It has been made since 2015, so it is not new, but it has always been extremely hard to course. It is made in really small batches, with 13 different botanicals, and each of them are distilled separately, before being blended at the end.  

It took over 140 tweaks to settle on the recipe.   Smooth purity makes Silver Spear a gin to sip or even as a ‘shot’.  Some like a little water or bitters’.   Foodies are known to sprinkle it on smoked salmon: Perfect with the black pepper.  Or a bowl of Strawberries.  As a classic, Silver Spear is balanced to pair elegantly with any top-notch Indian Tonic.  Start from a piece of lime or lemon and a shred of Basil or Mint leaf and take it from there.   It feels like Gin-o’clock already! 

You’ll notice that again, this month all of the contents of your Gin Box are Irish, something we are all proud of. We have been busy sourcing new and interesting gins from farther afield too and we are really excited about bringing you some of these, watch this space! 

Enjoy this month’s gin, we are delighted to finally bring you Silver Spear, and we hope you love it as much as we do! 


Coriander, Angelica, Root, Cumin, Lemon peel, Juniper, Orange peel, Yuzu, Nutmeg, lavender, orange peel and mustard seed


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