I first tasted this month’s gin on a trip to Galicia in Northern Spain in February 2017. The Gin Box was launched in January 2018 and we have been trying to source Nordés Gin ever since that day for The Gin Box. I am delighted to begin 2023 with a taste of Northern Spain in this month’s box.

Nordés is the product of a discussion over a meal with three friends – a sommelier, a wine entrepreneur and a master distiller – who wanted to create a spirit that was true to the Galician region. Located in the northwest of Spain, they set out to capture the freshness of the Atlantic Ocean in every bottle. Launched in 2012, the gin takes its name from the Nordés wind which meets the Galician coast, described by the brand as “the wind that brings good weather.” To create a gin of true provenance, every aspect needs to speak to the region and Nordés complete their Galician gin with striking packaging. The bottle design is inspired by traditional ceramics of Sargadelos which are also made in Galicia and are synonymous with utilising singular designs and white and blue colours. Nordés mirror this expertly to create a bottle instantly recognisable as their own. A pixelated world map with Galicia highlighted, makes for a simple but unique concept, placing further focus on the provenance here.


Nordés is made from locally-grown and distilled Albariño grape spirit and it is infused with fourteen locally sourced botanicals; including hibiscus, liquorice, lemon peels, and ginger. It has received universal acclaim for its uniquely refreshing taste and fine attention to detail.  After sourcing gins for the last 5 years, this is still one of my favourites. It has proven impossible to beat! On the nose hibiscus and mint are prominent. The palate is open with much more floral notes than juniper heavy flavours. The finish is clean, refreshing and very unique.

In order to make a real gin based Martini, you’ll need some authentic Spanish Olives. We have included some Perello olives for you which we sourced along with some Brindisa Cocktail snacks for you, all the way from Spain. Our friends from Vera foods have also give us some picos rusticos for you. Pico’s are authentic Spanish breadsticks, crunchy and typically found on antipasti boards across Spain. Upon importing the Olives and cocktail mixes for this month’s box, they gifted us these snacks for you, as they are short dated at the end of January. They were not something we initially planned for January’s Gin Box, but have them with some hummus, serrano ham and cheese and they will only add to gin and tonic time this weekend!

Nordes has such a great flavour profile that is needs little by way of a flavoursome tonic. We’ve kept it simple with Troughtons light tonic water and we have also include a great Martini recipe for you!


Juniper, sage, laurel, verbena herb, eucalyptus and peppermint, glasswort, ginger, cardamom, hibiscus flower, black tea.


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