Skellig Six 18 Gin

Skellig Six18 Distillery was inspired by the Skellig coastline landscape that is defined by the tenacity, muinín and grit of the 6th-century monks who built a monastery at the edge of the world. Off the Wild Atlantic coastline, this ancient monastery can only be reached by climbing six hundred & 18 stone steps that lead to the top of the Skellig Michael. This we discovered quickly, answers the first question, why the name?!

Having developed a complex liquid, rich in flavour and depth this makes it a gin that will be great on its own, or for some, one that would work well with food too. The distillery has amongst its fans, Dublin’s own Ross Lewis, head chef and proprietor of the Michelin starred Chapter One Restaurant. He describes it as “a real food gin”. We know most will want the perfect Gin and tonic as an aperitif, so as you would expect, our research went into this very area.


In a seemingly perfect partnership, the distillery lent the flavours of their gin to the team at Skellig chocolate down the road, who perfected a box of perfect Skellig Gin Chocolates. It may be the month for love but anytime is fine by us to receive such delicacies. This month’s box is a true taste of West Kerry and a brand new gin made by really passionate people there. Try a gin and tonic with a crisp Signature Collection tonic water from Schweppes, topped with rose petals and stir.

Lá Fhéile Vailintín lockdown – Sláinte from the GinBox and Skellig Six18 team!

Skellig six 18 GIN

Housed in a former sock factory, The Skellig Distillery are already maturing their whiskies and will invest 4million in the facility in 2021. They are a distillery to watch and they could not be more welcoming. When the time comes, be sure to plan a visit there.


The Gin is distilled in small batches at the distillery in Cahersiveen, Co. Kerry. The defining aromatics include local botanicals Yarrow, Douglas Fir needles and Birch Sap, delivering a herbaceous gin with citrus and pink grapefruit notes.


  • Yarrow: bitter-sweet with tones of citrus and anise
  • Fresh Douglas Fir needles: notes of citrus with pink grapefruit, herbaceous finish
  • Natural Birch Sap: mildly sweet and mineral



The signature serve for Skellig Six18 gin is as follows; 30ml Gin, tonic water, ice and a slice of pink grapefruit. This simple combination brings out the crisp fresh flavours in the gin, and the citrus burst gives it the perfect finish.


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