June’s Gin Box

Chase GB Extra Dry Gin

This month we bring you Chase GB Extra Dry Gin from The Chase Distillery in Herefordshire.

William Chase grew up in Herefordshire and after farming potatoes for 20 years he created a crisp brand, which he named after the family farm, Tyrrells Court!

He sold Tyrrells Crisps into high end retail outlets such as Harrods and Fortnum and Mason until he sold the majority of the brand in 2008 to fund his dream of a new distillery using Potato as the raw material. Aptly named, William’s Vodka and Chase Gin was born!

When looking for our June Gin we loved the story of the Chase family and how their strive for innovation and diversification in farming has brought us two of our favourite things – gin and crisps! Today, the family has diversified even further into wine, and they produce Provence wines in the South of France as well.

The perfect serve with Chase GB Gin is a slice of ginger in a high ball glass poured over stacks of ice.

However, the Gin Box team have taken this one step further – we have paired it with a spritzy London Essence tonic and a few drops of new Irish bitters ‘Off The Cuffe’ to create our take on a delicious ‘Gin Mule’ (recipe attached). Trust us it’s divine!

The Gin Box Gin Mule:

• 35 ml of Chase GB Gin
• 3 good dashes of ‘Off The Cuffe’ Aromatic Irish Bitters
• A slice of Ginger
• Pour over stacks of ice in a high ball glass and stir!


GB Gin is crafted by copper pot distilling Chase Potato Vodka with 10 botanicals; juniper (the buds and the berries), coriander seed, bitter almond, cinnamon bark, ginger, cloves, angelica root, liquorice root, lemon peel kibbles, and cardamon to create our GB extra dry gin.

Tasting Notes:

Zesty citrus and warm spicy notes.

Juniper, lemon and rich spices.

Full bodied with an extra dry finish. Green apple, lemon, dry, nutmeg, bloody, citrus zest, juniper, fruit, orange.


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