June’s Gin Box


June’s gin, Brockmans, is distilled in Warrington, United Kingdom by Bombay Sapphire Distillery owners, Greenalls.

Brockmans was conceived in 2007 by 4 friends.

‘‘ The aim was to create a gin, so smooth and sensual you would want to drink it neat over ice. ’’ 

That history has been written and the unique exquisite taste of Brockman’s now has a massive following of loyal fans in over 30 countries around the world.

When we launched TheGinBox.ie 5 months ago, little was certain about what gins may follow, but Brockmans was always going to feature. Once we had enough of you joined up to try it. The lesson with Brockmans is to keep it simple. Grapefruit and good tonic water make this gin sing. It is a spectacularly smooth gin that just keeps coming again and again. It will work with ginger ale, although that’s not my favourite way to enjoy it. It will also work neat, but ideally not with lime or lemon, just grapefruit.


10 botanicals including Bulgarian coriander, blueberries and blackberries as well as Valencia orange peels, juniper, orris root, angelica, cassia bark, angelica root, almonds and lemons.

A 200 year old copper still is used after the botanicals are left to soak for a period of 24 hours.

Tasting Notes

The Nose: Light, fresh and ripe on the nose, with berries dominating.

The Palate: Smooth on the palate with an almost tutti frutti style flavour coming through.

The Finish: Fresh hits continue over the long finish.

The Perfect G&T

I have not tasted a gin that needs grapefruit and works so spectacularly with it as Brockmans. Start with a great bog wedge of Grapefruit in a Brockmans glass of ice. Use big cubes of ice if possible and, good quality tonic water such as Fentimans. Pour 50ml of Brockmans gin over the ice and top the glass with Fentimans tonic water and stir.


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