March’s Gin Box

Method and Madness Micro Gin

Irish Distillers first release into the ultra-premium Gin market in Ireland, & the first release from their micro distillery at Middleton. Only available in Ireland now. Will launch around the world in limited quantities n July 2019.

Distilled in the oldest Pot Still in Ireland, named ‘Mickey’s Belly’ at Middleton Distillery to 43% ABV

Inspired by the Shakespearean quote ‘Though this be madness, yet there is method in ’t’, the innovative Method and Madness distillery launched in 2017. It only launched this month, March 2019 and you may well be one of the very first to try it.

Irish Distillers in Middleton, Cork haven’t produced a gin since 2005’s Cork Crimson Gin, which was widely lauded as one of Ireland’s best gin but was unfortunately ahead of its time, missing the gin revolution by about a decade. Inspired by this celebrated gin, as well as the recipes recorded by William Caldwell in 1798, Master distiller Brian Nation and Apprentice distiller Henry Donnelly worked tirelessly to combine 16 botanicals, including black lemon, gorse flower and lavender, to create the perfect flavour.

Upon tasting the gin, you’ll note its silky smooth citrus flavour, with a light hint of lavender and spice – delicious! Brian & Henry choose a botanical tonic water with a twist of lemon peel so that the gin will do the talking, rather than subsidiary flavours.

Fentimans tonics are the world’s first botanically brewed tonic waters with a blend of herbal infusions and lemongrass extract which ensures it’s refreshing components. Lemon plays a large part in the serving of this month’s gin. Lismore Lemon Polenta biscuits are citrusy with a wonderful crunch. Inspired by Lismore’s links with southern Italy, they are made with Mediterranean lemons, golden polenta and the finest Irish butter! Enjoy both together!


The signature botanicals are two within a 16-strong line-up of flavours, each chosen in a methodical fashion and for different reasons, wild Irish gorse and black lemon. Black lemon is, confusingly, actually a lime for the uninitiated. Dried in the sun to remove water content and intensify its power, the flavour is bold, pungent and powerful Gorse, for its colour and it’s Irishness, offers a fresh, sweet, floral note, whilst lavender in the background adds delicate floral depth. For it to be gin, the largest component needs to be juniper. “Juniper is to gin as cask is to whiskey, and as the grape is to wine,” bay leaf, basil and grassy, sharp lemon verbena; citrus from a trio of sweet orange, bitter orange and lemon peel; and spice ranging from coriander seed and green cardamom, to the more unusual caraway, nutmeg, cassia bark and ginger.



Lemon Balm & Shredded Ginger with a unique flavour from the wild Irish gorse flower


Spice pine and notes of earthy woodland frost, balanced with a burst of citrus.


Clean & long with a lingering rooted orange citrus & slowly roasted spice.


Add ice to your favourite gin glass. Add 45ml of Method & Madness, top with 60ml of Fentimans tonic water and garnish with a long sliver of Lemon Peel only.


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