May’s Gin Box

Chinnery Dublin Dry Gin

This month we have teamed up with the Chinese inspired Chinnery Gin that is distilled right in the heart of Dublin city. We have paired their stylish 70cl bottle with two bottles of premium Poacher’s “Wild” Tonic, new Lismore Dark Chocolate Apple Sticks and a luxury candle from Irish brand Purcell & Woodcock. While celebrating Irish products, this box also has everything to create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy your G&T!

Inspired by the romance of the Old China Trade that delivered silk, spices, tea and porcelain to Europe in the 19th Century, the Chinnery Gin story draws on a colourful history, steeped with tales of trade, travel and creativity, all distilled into a fragrant and aromatic gin full of flavour.

Reminiscent of a Chinese lantern, Chinnery Gin’s bottle bears a characteristically Georgian Dublin townhouse façade. Peer through the sash windows on the front label and colourful imaginings of the Far East are revealed.

Chinnery Gin, with its layered, delicate flavours, is best appreciated in a simple serve, on ice with quality tonic water and a garnish of grapefruit (also included!).


The full recipe for Chinnery Gin incorporates ten botanicals: Osmanthus Flower, Oolong Tea, Cassia Bark, Juniper, Coriander Seed, Liquorice Root, Sweet Orange Peel, Grains of Paradise, Angelica Root, Orris Root.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: Very floral, leading into hedgerow notes of honeysuckle, wild herbs, cleavers and bramble. Warm fruit, sun-ripened strawberries and rhubarb petals crushed underfoot and honey. Botanical notes of juniper and coriander, light, clean and summery like hazy summer evenings, decadent, aromatic and exotic. There is a lovely note of gooseberries with orange zest.

Palate: Rich, creamy and zingy on the palate. Warming and mouth-watering, juicy summer fruits and fresh herbal notes coming through. Sweet, spicy flavours of clove and cardamom, floral like a sunny wall garden, quite heady, wallflowers and stewed fruits, jam, buttery lemon slices. Really floral, like a fruity summer jelly or Turkish Delight.

Finish: Crisp, clean and green on the finish, almost Mediterranean, a hint of olives. Very satisfying.


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