The focus remains on the best of Irish again this month. You and all of our subscribers, are amongst the very first to taste this first batch, distilled exclusively for The Gin Box Subscribers, of
Muckross Wild Irish Gin. It is a small batch Irish craft gin that is launching later this month.


The Muckross Wild Irish Spirits Co. was established by Martin Wray and Andrea Kissane in Killarney, Co. Kerry in early 2020, but work has been going on behind the scenes for almost three years now. This is their first product release, inspired by the natural beauty of Killarney National Park.


Martin and Andrea wanted the custom-design bottle to share the story behind the brand, and the label is a specially commissioned illustration that showcases the native flora and fauna.

On the front label and you’ll see the Irish red deer grazing in the hills, the heron standing still in the lake waiting for fish, the robin chirping to passers-by and protecting his territory, the kingfisher showing off his natural beauty, and the Northern Emerald dragonfly enjoying his own little pocket of paradise. Surrounded by softly rolling peaks that sweep gently through lush woodlands of delicate flora to the shores of its world famous lakes, the founders believe that everything is as it should be in Muckross, and that this is what is known as ‘the natural order’. And if you look at the back of the bottle, you’ll see that engraved in the roundel. Turn the bottle upside down (remember to put the cork back in!) and you’ll see the Irish toast ‘Sláinte is táinte’, which means ‘to health and wealth.’ A nice touch, especially as this gin makes its way around the world.


We paired it with Poachers and lime – both of which we’ve included in your gin box. A little Rosemary will help lift the aromatics in the glass. Lastly, enjoy two exclusive Muckross Gin glasses, which Martin & Andrea had made for TheGinBox.ie subscribers.


The distillation of the first batch of Muckross was completed on Thursday 27th May. Bottling & Labelling was completed on Friday 28th May and Martin delivered every single bottle himself to our HQ on Monday May 31st so we could get June’s Gin Box to you and every other GinBox.ie subscriber in time for the June bank holiday. Martin also brought the sunshine with him from Killarney to Dublin!

A New Spirit From An Ancient Kingdom


Martin & Andrea studied native botanical reports to inspire their perfect blend. Rosehip, hawthorn, blackthorn and heather represent Muckross, with notes of grapefruit adding a delicious citrus back-note to bitter orange. Angelica, rosemary, coriander and juniper round out the ten botanicals in this new drinking experience.

Tasting Notes

It embraces a London Dry style distillation, which results in a smooth and mellow premium gin, elegant on the nose but with an unmistakeable wild side. It is crisp & fresh with a very natural taste.

Perfect Serve

Check out Muckross Wild serves which we have included with your gin box and try it with some lime and Rosemary, alongside Poachers Tonic. A little more adventurous is the Muckross 75 – a simple cocktail with sugar syrup and lime juice added for a full cocktail experience.


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