Last month we brought you a gin that was close to home, so we’re bringing you to the other side of the world today!


Deep in the Central Highlands of Tasmania lies Lawrenny, an estate synonymous with premium Tasmanian produce. Nestled amongst the purest of natural elements, its 400 acres of family-owned farmland where climate and conditions come together in perfect harmony. With over 200 years of history, the only thing richer than its past is the fertility of its soil.


Today, Lawrenny Estate is home to one family who shares one passion, producing the finest quality spirits. It’s a passion for perfection, for perfection from purity. The purity of the glacier waters that flow metres from the distillery doors. The purity of the Tasmanian air, of the wild Antarctic winds that stream across the property. And the purity of its produce, of estate-grown barley and botanicals. The result is award-winning spirits that embody the people, place, passion and purity that only Lawrenny Estate offers. Discover the essence of extraordinary and raise a Glass to the true taste of Tasmania.


The estate is located in the Central Highlands region which boasts beautiful scenery and spectacular surroundings. With over 3,000 lakes connected by wild rivers, this gin captures the purity of Tasmania.


Highlands is a refreshing and crisp Gin, with notes from the unique blue cypress to the bright fruitiness of the grapefruit, orange and buchu, all while an ever present mint note lingers over the palate. The sweet earthiness of ginger, cubeb pepper and grains of paradise pepper add a gentle bite of piquancy while chamomile provides weight and sweetness. An exhilarating gin that pays tribute to the spectacular region that locates Lawrenny Estate.


Enjoy something different this month. Versatility is key here and we would recommend classic Indian tonics, as well as citrus fruits including grapefruit, orange and lime.


We discovered these awesome Irish made tortilla chips a few months ago and we have been looking for a month to include them. They are the most authentic tortilla chips outside of Mexico and we’ve included our favourite flavour – Smoky Chipotle! Smoky and a little sweet, with a friendly kick of heat, Chipotle Chilli is the key ingredient in the famous Adobo Sauce, which is the inspiration for these chips. Yum!


Blue cypress, grapefruit, orange and buchu, ginger, cubeb pepper, grains of paradise, chamomile and mint



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