November’s Gin Box

Bottega Bacur Italian Gin

The Bottega family have been working in the wine industry since the 1920’s. In 1977 Aldo Bottega with his wife Rosina, founded Distilleria Bottega in Pianzano di Godega (province of Treviso).

After the founder’s death, his son Sandro became the company director, with the support of his sister Barbara and brother Stefano. In a few years Distilleria Bottega started to get known thanks to an innovative distillation system and to the reduction of alcohol content in grappa, which made it softer and more delicate. The same happened with their gin.

Today Bottega are world leaders in the art of distilling Gin and producing some of the best prosecco to come out of Italy. The International Wine and Spirits Board have ranked Bottegas prosecco as the top selling sparkling wine in travel retail. We thought it only appropriate that you would enjoy some Bottega Prosecco this month when you’ve had your gin and tonic.


For the perfect serve, the humble lemon will elevate a Bottega Gin and Tonic. We thought a touch of Cucumber and Watermelon tonic water will add to the freshness of this month’s Gin.


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