November’s Gin Box

This month we introduce you to a ‘Taste of the Atlantic’ from the Galway Gin Co.

In an era of craft gins, the Galway Gin Co went one step further and created a product made with Galway Bay dillisk. The Atlantic Seaweed, Dulse or “Dilleasc” as it is locally known, has long been a staple of the Irish diet, particularly along our wild western shores.

The use of this botanical, along with lemon, cardamom and floral notes, makes for both a smooth and daring gin. When describing the original and unique taste of Galway Gin Co, the words crisp and fresh come to mind. The scent of Ireland’s Atlantic coastline greets you immediately on the nose and dillisk dances delicately in the background throughout.

The fresh dillisk from Galway Bay sets this gin apart and provides that loving taste of Ireland’s wild waters that we all know so well. Galway Gin is as clean as the maritime waters surrounding it and as fresh as the air above.

We have paired this with a snack from the Foods of Athenry, an artisan food producer also from Galway. Their shortbread biscuits are to die for and believe it or not are even Gluten and Wheat free! A perfect snack for these cold winter evenings while you’re sipping on your Galway Gin G&T in front of the fire.


Dillisk, Lemon and Cardamon.


The leading botanical is Galway Bay dillisk. We love the fact that it’s local and indigenous to the area. Without overpowering the gin, you can find a subtle scent of surf with this unique botanical.


Lemon pairs charmingly with the Galway Bay Dillisk Gin, so this month we have further compliment a twist of lemon with a premium Citrus Tonic from Poachers – enjoy!

  • 50ml Galway Gin Co.
  • Poachers Citrus Tonic
  • A Twist of Lemon


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