November’s Gin Box


This month’s gin comes from Dublin couple Pat O’Brien and Viki Baird. We have been working with Viki since last March to bring Stillgarden to The Gin and we are really excited to finally bring it to you. Why? Their story is quite unlike any other that we’ve seen and their pursuit for a community as well as a product has taken far longer to bear fruit than even they thought.

Originally due to launch in early 2020, Stillgarden Distillery is located in the heart of Inchicore. There is a community garden at the distillery, populated with social botanists, made up of Dublin bar men and locals alike. They were given mini herb and botanical gardens to grow at home during the first lockdown. When the time came and their gardens grew, they were invited one by one to come and plant their fruits at the distillery community garden. Stillgarden Gin uses the botanicals that are produced at the garden. It is a space for everyone in the area to come for coffee or cocktails and it struck me early on that this sense of community is more important for Viki and Pat than anything else.

Just before lockdown, they launched their distilling academy which had just started to go really well. During an afternoon at the distillery you can make your own Gin, Sambuca or Vodka and it’s an afternoon worth spending. Next door is Rascals brewery and woodfired pizza, so you can see how an afternoon quickly turns into a day out as Viki says! When the initial restrictions came into place, this was adapted, and you could come to the distillery, walk through the community garden and have Stillgarden cocktails too. Ever the innovators, Viki and Pat are adapting time and time again, and they were delighted to finally get the chance to bring their Gin to you at The Gin Box.

Supporting their venture in this small way has helped through a tough time, but they have a solid foundation, a great community and a wonderful Social Gin that we hope you’ll enjoy as much as we did when we first tasted it. If you haven’t heard of Stillgarden before now, you will again. Mark it in your diary for 2021, and pay the distilling academy a visit when you get the chance.

Viki was adamant that Poachers tonic with mint and orange is the perfect serve here. We tried some alternative tonics and some alternative citrus fruits but it’s hard to disagree with ‘The Boss Lady’ as she is known. Enjoy your cool reusable straws and beany hat too, very much needed in this chilly weather!

As ever, thanks for your support, and supporting us to support Irish.

From the Gin Box Team



Working with Social Botanists, people from both the local and bartending community, This Social Gin was launched just before Halloween and was made using botanicals that were grown both at home and in the community garden. Simply Brilliant.


Juniper, Mint, Lavender, Rosehips, Orris, Caraway, Cardamon, Lemon Zest, Rowan Berry, Cubeb, Angelica, Licorice, Black Pepper & Lime Peel.


Pour 25ml Stillgarden Social Gin, 100ml Poachers Tonic Water in a tall glass full of ice. Garnish with orange peel and a sprig of fresh mint (gently slap on the back of your hand to release aromas)


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