October’s Gin Box


This month we curated an almost all Irish box, with the help of one Padraic O’Griallais. We fell short in bringing you a tonic water from these shores, but that’s on the way for next month and is very exciting indeed!

This month’s gin comes from the first distillery in Galway to open its doors in over 100 years. Padraic is a 6th generation distiller and the first person in his family to distil spirits legally! Originally a poitín distilling family, laws prevented his ancestors from making poitín legally and it was only in 1997 that it was legalised again.

Padraic’s grandfather Micil began distilling in 1848 and he operated the Connemara Stillhouse. In 2016 Padraic, who inherited his craft directly from his grandfather Jimmi, opened Micil Distillery in tribute to the great Micil. Padraic produces a range of poitín products made from 100% Irish grain, and this month’s award-winning Micil Irish Gin.

They distil now the same way they’ve always done, by hand and in small batches, using local Connemara botanicals and unique family recipes. Every bottle is labelled and bottled by hand at the distillery.

When we first spoke to Padraic about featuring in The Gin Box, he was really keen to give our subscribers the full Micil experience. With that in mind, we’ve been able to secure two sought after Micil glasses for every one of you. These are like hen’s teeth and only available at the distillery but like so many things at present, if you cannot get to the distillery, allow us to bring it to you! Padraic has also given us a lovely history brochure of Micil, which will help you understand the great heritage behind his distillery.

We would love you to share your concoctions with us by tagging @theginbox.ie. However if you’d rather a classic, do as Padraic suggests, and fill your Micil glass with ice and lime wedges, three to be precise, add Micil and fill with a classic botanical tonic water. This month we have included Fentimans for you. Lots to try this month, be sure to give the recipes overleaf a whirl and enjoy a nibble of Butler’s chocolate while you peruse and plan your cocktail evening!

As ever, thanks for your support, and for supporting Irish – we are all in this together, stay safe.

From The Gin Box Team


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